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New Carpainter Featuring Onjuicy: “Pam!!!”

The artists in the Trekkie Trax universe have been inching towards more songs featuring vocals — or at least tracks suitable for someone to sing or rap over. Masayoshi Iimori’s work has seen Dotama rap over it, while Carpainter has co-worked on songs by budding Avex star Daichi Miura. For the most part, these have worked, even if they feel more like the main artist eyeing a little bit of underground dance music shine than a real, broader shift towards anything. “Pam!!!” feels natural. Carpainter teams up with Japanese grime MC Onjuicy for a song that finds the two artists working in tandem, playing off of their strengths to create a natural combination. Onjuicy darts over Carpainter’s sweltering beat, never thrown off by the little twists the producer adds in, and he gets out of the way when the song goes crystal in the middle. Get it here, or listen below.