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New Chatmonchy: “Birthday Cake No Ue Wo Aruite Kaetta”

The actual musical content of Chatmonchy’s new song is pleasant enough – a bouncy bit of twee-leaning pop that would, in fact, work wonders at a seven-year-old kids’ birthday party. A fine little song, but the really gem of “Birthday Cake No Ue Wo Aruite Kaetta” is the silly video. In the clip, we learn the inner workings of being pregnant, which end up to revolve around old people wearing 1930s swimming suits sitting in inner tubes. Strange, yes, but full of enough gags to make it worth your while (I’m a fan of the carrot bit and the “throwing a TV against a wall” part). They even manage to overcome the comedic nadir of a fart joke to deliver a fun little music video. Watch below.