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New Chelmico: “Player”

Chelmico recently released their first full-length major label album Power, and it’s a solid shift towards bigger places for the duo. Most importantly, not much has changed now that they are on unBorde from recent EPs and a self-titled 2016 debut album. They still create upbeat genre-skipping exercises anchored in hip-hop, channeling Rip Slyme, Halcali and other pop-oriented rap outfits to create a take on the style all their own (and which is miles more interesting than most boilerplate Japanese rap, often far more interested in imitation than trying out new perspectives). “Player” offers a nice snapshot of Chelmico at their must giddy, the pair bouncing over an upbeat backdrop while riffing on video games (and gamer terminology). It all peaks with an all-together-now hook that ups the energy. Listen above.