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New Cherryboy Function: “Gauche Experience”

It has been awhile since dance producer Cherryboy Function’s Suggested Function #3 EP came out, and its floor-centric whirl climbed into our hearts (and this blog’s top-20 of 2010 list). The wait for #3 seems worth it, and here’s the first widely available track from Cherryboy’s latest. Like a lot of the highlights from his last EP, “Gauche Experience” is a slow builder that moves towards a sort of prolonged dizziness…but never really peaks, but rather finding a sustained tizziness and getting the most out of that as it can. Cherryboy Function starts small and slowly adds pieces…par for the course with these sorts of numbers…and it takes a little time but when this one gets shiny (and the piano starts sneaking in), “Gauche Experience” begs you to just get lost within it. Listen above.