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New Cloudy Busey: “Who Says They Love You”


Cloudy Busey – also known as Bob, the lead singer of Osaka’s Ice Cream Shout – used to lean heavily indie pop. Although the Busey moniker served as a way for him to record songs sans group, tracks like “Pound Your Town To Hell” and “Broken By Inertia” weren’t radically different from the material coming from Ice Cream Shout, the latter song often played by the band live over the past year. Yet 2012 has saw Cloudy Busey develop a separate identity, as the project has veered into unabashed electronic dance territory. He’s already released the moody “Up To You (If You Love Me)” and a handful of other club-leaning numbers, and now he’s uploaded the song “Who Says They Love You,” a joint that further cements Busey’s sonic switch to dance. It even comes complete with a description going “acid, latin break, Stardust,” the last one most likely referring to these dudes.

Scroll down, though, and note some of the tags for “Who Says They Love You” – “pop” and especially “twee” jump out, yeah? Thing is, it makes sense because, while the actual music leans towards dance, the lyrics touch on indie-pop themes that never fade. “With no one to need you/You’re no one to anyone/With no one to love you/it doesn’t make sense to feel alive,” goes one part, and that’s before hitting the emotional sweet spot of “what I would give to have/a dream without you.” Just as impressive is Bob’s vocals, which continue growing in confidence with each new song, here sounding clearer than on other tracks he’s made…and that being a great development. Ultimately, the only tag “Who Says They Love You” needs is “catchy stuff.” Watch the video above, or download the song here.