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New Coffee And TV: “Guess What? Summer’s Arrived”

What an absolutely cruel tease, Coffee And TV. Besides that terribly misleading title…today was actually the first day I had to wear a parka to work, you jerks…the music of “Guess What? Summer’s Arrived” is made for lounging out on a picnic blanket in a park on a sunny day (or maybe taking an early morning walk around New York…Coffee And TV seems really interested in Manhattan with this song). It’s all bright synths, beach-side percussion and these swelling strings that give the whole thing a majestic flying feeling. And horns! It instantly brings to mind the music of Air France, who dabbled in a similar mashing of sounds with warm-weather imagery (helps that they hailed from chilly Sweden and, much like this song arriving during the first week of November, made music suited for an eternal summer…or at least the mental equivalent). “Guess What?” lacks the playfulness of Air France – that duo always added a whiff of subversion to the proceedings, Coffee And TV more intent on remembering the summer – but nails pretty much everything else. Listen below.