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New Crunch: “Blue”

Christmas is more than a month away, but in Tokyo at least it already feels like December 24th. Stores have set up Santa-centric decorations and “All I Want For Christmas Is You” has started getting serious play. Although the current Star Wars advertising blitz is giving it a serious run, the holiday season feels firmly in place now.

Nagoya trio Crunch haven’t explicitly written a Christmas song in “Blue,” but it certainly fits the mood of the next two months perfectly. The big obvious reason is the use of bells at various times, which add some seasonal flair to the song, but that’s not just why. From an indie-pop outfit that’s created some sparse-and-longing numbers before, “Blue” is especially spacious and chilly, featuring only a light dusting of guitars and drums (and bells), putting the emphasis on lead singer Noriyo Hotta’s vocals. Her words are conflicted, both nostalgic but also accepting of being alone. It’s all wrapped in a dreamy package, which makes it lonelier and sweeter. Perfect for feeling weird about being alone during the next month. Listen above.