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New D∀NGER D∀NGER: “About U”

It’s strange connecting dots after the fact. A few years back, D∀NGER D∀NGER was just an electro-pop outfit with one solid EP behind their syntax-shattering name. They inspired more Twitter conversations about punctuation than anything else, though that’s more the fault of writers than anything else. Three years later and Jay-Z is now JAY-Z, and D∀NGER D∀NGER returns with a compilation album of sorts coming out on Miles Apart Records. Biggest twist? Turns out this is the solo project of Koji Takagi, the lead singer of Pictured Resort. Which I wouldn’t have known in 2015, but which in 2017 completely explains the laid-back neon strut of “About U.” Saying it’s Pictured Resort filtered through synth-pop is a touch lazy, but also pretty accurate. Every note and word drips down, the song sounding like its sweating while wrestling with romance. Listen above.