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What You Make Of It: Sayohimebou’s Virtua JD Harem $ Arena 3 Gou

New Masterpiece isn’t a label I’d associate with Japan’s wilder experimental side. The imprint dabbles in vaporwave and a few other hazed-out sounds, but in general they seem like a dance label fluctuating between high-energy and past-glazed hoppers. But the latest from Sayohimebou approaches the head-splitting wildness of Wasabi Tapes or Moyas, with a healthy sense of humor mixed in. Jumping off of the all-over-the-place rush of an earlier album put out via Business Casual this spring, Sayohimebou’s newest collection revels in sounds, the brief opening track alone an avalanche of bright synthesizer and assorted chaos. From there, the producer covers the Pet Shop Boys’ “West End Girls” (or, more appropriately, blends it up into something…different) and eventually plays around with the Family Mart melody…and then embraces weird muffled robo-rap soon after. It’s a trip, but like the best experimental music out of Japan right now, all that chaos falls into just the right place, and the end result is far more intriguing. Get it here, or listen below.