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New Daisuke Tanabe: “Origami”

Producer Daisuke Tanabe has a new album on the way, and he’s shared a little of it with XLR8R. “Origami” features off-kilter…damn, they already beat me to that description…how about Tanabe that fuzzy…gahhhh, OK…hold on, let me throw the adjectives out the window.

Tanabe has always chased more creative – alternatively, weirder – ideas down, and “Origami” is packed full of them, ranging from hiccuping vocal samples to squeaky electronics seemingly beamed in from another track. A key-jingling beat holds it all together, but even with something anchoring it, “Origami” is always a little tipsy, always capable of falling over into a bush. Yet that wobble makes it all the more interesting. Listen below.