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New DJ Fulltono, CRZKNY And Skip Club Orchestra: Draping 7

The Draping series keeps on delivering, and the seventh installment in a project bringing together three heavyweights of the Japanese juke community stands as a highlight. This trio of track brings the energy, each creator offering up one of their briskets creations to date. DJ Fulltono gets it going by embracing repetition with a particularly jagged number that refuses to take a breath, plunging ahead and only gaining in intensity as the beat mutates throughout. CRZKNY builds up to the dash, using huge industrial-sized beats to slowly build the mood before letting everything merge together for one hellacious final stretch. By comparison, Skip Club Orcehstra’s “Draping 7” feels a little more reserved, but it still darts ahead on sharp details and vocal bursts. Get it here, or listen below.