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New Dubb Parade: “Voices”

One of those cases where the album title operates as a declaration. Prolific producer Dubb Parade plays around with voices on every track here. Samples serve as the foundation for the latter two songs here, with closer “Japan Beauty” creating something disorienting in how it flips The Pom-Poms with some other source material over a vaguely koto-sounding backdrop to create…something totally existing in its own reality. The highlight, though, comes from the one number bringing in an actual human voice rather than a sample. Valknee jumps on opener “Ain’t Valknee Core,” where she adds a hooky vocal that helps tie together a skittery (and at times vapory) beat, turning it into a number that can run with any of the other producer-meets-singer numbers from the past year. Get it here, or listen below.