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New Dubb Parade: You’re Free EP

It felt like for, like, a month there that Dubb Parade didn’t release a new album. Which, given his prolific output so far in 2014, was kind of a shocker. Well, as we all sprint towards next year, he’s got at least one more EP of material to share, this one on Tokyo label Anti Gravity Device. Anybody can go on a release binge over – insert amount of time here – as a cursory visit to any Bandcamp tag can prove, but a lot of it can be total junk. Dubb Parade has been focused and bringing out solid dance music of many mutations, and the streak keeps going on You’re Free, whether via the hypnotic (and somewhat ironically titled, given how hypnotizing it gets) title track or the melodic flashbang of “Rude Boy.” Get it here, or listen below.