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Slow Delight: Uma’s Roam Featuring Remixes From Magical Mistakes And Madegg

Osaka-based label Perfect Touch has a new release out now, fronted by Berlin duo Uma and their beautiful-quicksand tune “Roam.” The original is a slow waltz of a number, highlighted by vocal repetitions amongst the ever shifting noises whirring around it. The power of that singing being milked for all it is worth is picked up by one of the main minds behind Perfect Touch, Magical Mistakes, on his remix of “Roam,” which melts the vocals down into shapeless form (unlike the original, which has intelligible words) and builds from there. Rounding out the EP is Kyoto’s Madegg, who doesn’t focus on the voices as much and rather makes the most of the music…and some very Madegg-ish percussion choices late in the song. Get it here or listen below.