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New Eadonmm: “Alder”

The Kansai beat scene, highlighted by artists orbiting around Osaka’s INNIT party and the IdleMoments event in Kyoto, has thus far been defined by its forthcoming nature. Save for Magical Mistakes’ swirlier moments and Seiho’s more spaced-out experiments, the music popping out of the region is often colorful and dance-worthy, all the left turns kept in check with the fact all this stuff still grooves. “Alder” imagines one of these songs being pulled into a blackhole. Eadonmm, who runs IdleMoments, makes music that’s slower and more constricting – on “Alder,” the early portion of the song seems to be building towards release, the beat skittering towards something big. It seemingly peaks and is followed by…synth covering everything, while slowed-down voices criss cross with sped up ones. This song doesn’t aspire for the dancefloor, but rather someplace far more unsettling and cramped, like a haunted house you can only crawl through. Listen below.