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New Eccy: “Sixty Acid Nine”

Remember the scene in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory where the crazy candy creator teleports matter across a creepy white room by breaking it down into tiny bite-size molecules via something called “Wonkavision”? And then that boy who isn’t Charlie gets broken down by this technology and floats across the room? I picture the hyper-speed vocals of Eccy’s “Sixty Acid Nine” being what said child would hear while drifting as a thousand little balls. True to its title, Eccy’s latest breaks out the acid basslines for this fast-lane track. Yet it’s the vocal sample, sped up to an almost ridiculous pace, that wins the Golden Ticket (sorry) on “Sixty Acid Nine.” This isn’t anything like Kanye West’s chipmunk’s soul samples or someone like Jacques Greene shifting a voice into something more sensual – this is a human voice made pure helium, stuttering so quickly it turns into gobbledygook, the only comparison I can think of being with some songs off of Rustie’s Glass Swords. To keep up with the Wonka references…it is also kinda like that nightmare tunnel, except full of really awesome images you’d want to set on loop. Listen below.

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