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New Heavenstamp: “Decadence”

The real hook with Heavenstamp’s “Decadence” has very little to do with the original song itself. The band, now down a bassist after last week, sound fine on this track from their forthcoming March release. “Decadence” doesn’t sniff last year’s excellent “Morning Glow,” the warmth of that song shuffled out in favor of something sorta sounding like J-Rock Franz Ferdinand with a pretty so-so chorus. The verses have a nice mechanical thrust to them which is a welcome addition, but otherwise this isn’t anything spectacular.

Which, again, isn’t why I’m writing about it. “Decadence” will be remixed by Animal Collective for the aforementioned March release, and listening to the original leaves me wondering what in the world Animal Collective plan on doing with this. Of course, that’s part of the fun with them – you wouldn’t be sure what they would do with something like Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Zero,” but hey they did it. I guess that beat could be reorganized into something tribal, but otherwise “Decadence” seems so distant from what Animal Collective do…and keep in mind they take cues from Brian Wilson, who isn’t exactly an alien visitor…that I am confused/excited to see what they can pull off. Listen to the original below.