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New Egg: Madegg Is Now MDG, Releases New EP Via No Credit Records

All signs point to Kyoto electronic producer Madegg having a big 2015…and to set himself up for the next 12 months, he’s gone and changed his name. He’s dropped all the vowels out of his name and is now going by just MDG (at least for now), and to celebrate the expulsion of letters he’s released a new EP via Kyoto imprint No Credit Records. Takao is a four-song set that ranges from one of MDG’s most straightforward shufflers to date on opener “Xanadu,” a number that strobes forward towards ecstasy…to the chilly, barely-there “Frothcoming,” more of a field recording of what sounds like a desolate backalley than a song. The backside pair of songs are more like “Xanadu,” and find MDG moving a touch away from the heady beats of his past and embracing something a bit more euphoric in the new year. Listen above.