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New Elen Never Sleeps: “Rum”

I wouldn’t describe the music Elen Never Sleeps makes as being “dramatic,” at least in the sonic sense. That said, his songs often contain emotional push-pull, evidenced all over this year’s fantastic Silver EP. That collection of songs sounds dreamy and ennui-rich, Elen Never Sleeps always facing some sort of emotional obstacle even when his music is at its prettiest. New song “Rum,” then, is a little bit of a surprise – this sounds like the project calling timeout on a rainy day and just relaxing for an afternoon. It’s nothing but some simple strumming, a light beat and what sounds like dolphins bleating in the back every once in awhile. It’s a low-key number, but relaxing. Elen Never Sleeps also doesn’t push his voice hear, and he sounds surprisingly smooth here. Listen below.