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New May.e: “Bowling”

It hasn’t even been a week since I went into a tizzy writing about May.e’s album Mattiola, one of the year’s most stunning releases and one rich in FEELINGS. Turns out May.e is a restless soul, and also capable of churning out high-quality music at will – you can hear a new song of bare-bones guitar and voice below, and it’s a doozy. A gorgeous, long-playing doozy. Oddly enough, “Bowling” would be out of place on Mattiola. The songs on that album, though recorded in a very bedroom-musician sort of way, never sounded drowned out. They oftentimes sound slightly submerged, but on “Bowling” May.e might as well be singing through a thick wall of cottonballs. Yet like that stunner of an album, “Bowling” turns hypnotic, the simple guitar and unintelligible voice becoming absorbing, May.e working in subtle changes to the music as the the track stretches onward. I guess she wanted to go and prove Mattiola wasn’t a fluke. Message received.