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New Emamouse: Pigeon’s Point

It’s always a treat to step into Emamouse’s world and see what ideas they’ve got cooking up. Pigeon’s Point revels in simple, charming melodies and surrealist (and silly!) imagery that feels like welcome escape into fantasy. “PP2” opens up with a nice skip accented by chirpy singing bordering on human Vocaloid that sets the album off to a jolly start, before Emamouse runs off some instrumental numbers exuding the same upbeat feel, playing around with sounds the same way Foodman might if commissioned to make background music for a children’s TV show. But part of Pigeon’s Point lies in the moments the drama gets ramped up — “Mischievous Donut In The Garden Of Poptart Again” features pained singing over a chorus of dizzying Emamouses, starting a stretch of music that adds more tension to the collection (“Midnight Seen Before,” “Romou’s Meadow”). And it all ends on a softer, guitar-assisted note with the come-down of “All What Happened To You Is Just Particles. You Know It.” A fittingly nice note to exit this place, at least for now. Get it here, or listen below.