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New Extruders: “Zombie” And “Fushigina Shishin”

Tokyo band Extruders, behind one of last year’s best albums to come out of the country, have a new summer project that just kicked off. Until August 31, the group will share a new song…or a music video…every Sunday. Two weeks have gone by, which means two tracks are already out there in the wild. The latest, “Zombie,” is a driving number, broken up by trippy moments of spoken-word guitar freakout. Get it here, or listen below.

“Zombie” is a solid rock driver, but the highlight thus far was week-one release “Fushigina Shishin,” which is more up Extruders’ alley of wispy minimalism. There’s more space, which makes the guitars and straightforward beat sound all the more lonely. And the vocals…when they aren’t switching into spoken monologue, they are practically whispered, making this already twisty song all the more intriguing. Get it here, or listen below.