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New Faron Square: “Willys Scrapbook (Overture)”

By now CUZ ME PAIN records has shaken off the bedroom-pop tag the earliest tracks coming out of their roster. Though that description isn’t entirely misleading – the artists associated with the label probably are patching together music next to their beds, and their sounds definitely carry the sense of loneliness that comes with such territory – it still conjures up images of poorly-recorded tunes that sound like cries for help. The PAIN bunch, especially recently, create entire new worlds full of glowing colors and sprawling fields that somehow fit within the confines of four walls. Faron Square’s new song “Willys Scrapbook (Overture)” captures this stable-spanning talent brilliantly, opening with vaguely Middle-Eastern-sounding noises before layering even prettier touches on top. A slow-motion beat rubs up against delicate gossamer strings, an odd combo that works wonders when executed. Faron Square’s wisest move, though, was the addition of a woozy synth bubbling throughout the whole thing. While more strings and strands of sonic tinsel get draped into “Willys Scrapbook,” that synth undermines the fragile prettiness, the equivalent of filming a wonderful marble statue while repeatedly shaking the camera. Faron Square’s website promises a new album in 2011, and if it treads ground similar to this it will be a must listen.

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