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New Salyu X Salyu: “Muse’ic”

Turns out the Salyu-Cornelius project won’t be a rehash of Bjork’s Medulla. Early previews and descriptions hinted at an album using the J-Pop singer’s voice as a base, but newly released song “Muse’ic” reveals that won’t be entirely the case. Here the structure comes courtesy of Cornelius’ bright keyboard hiccups, popping up in every corner. It’s a classic production job from the ever-busy dude, seemingly disjointed electronic noises set against an occasional drum hit that seemingly appear randomly but all fall into place just right. “Muse’ic” also ends up featuring a lot of room to roam, blank space Salyu fills with her vocals. No longer having to work as a blueprint, her singing becomes a legitimate instrument, a chorus of Salyu’s sirening off in all sorts of directions at once. Some remain relatively grounded, others shoot off like a rocket piloted by chipmunks. The latest from Salyu X Salyu’s forthcoming full-length album shows great pop grounding with an experimental curve that makes this collaboration all the more exciting. Listen here.

The duo also posted a 45-second teaser of the song “Sailing Days,” a track following the same path as “Muse’ic” but with a little less pep to it. Watch below.