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New For Tracy Hyde: “Shady Lane Sherbet”

Well, “new” in the sense that it is a different recording of an already existing For Tracy Hyde song. “Shady Lane Sherbet” originally appeared on the band’s 2012 debut EP Juniper And Lamplight, and was an early highlight among the group’s more straightforward indie-rock songs – “Sherbet” embraced dreaminess, bouncing ahead rather driving forward. All those qualities remain in place for “Sherbet” 2014, but with one change – the group’s new singer, Lovely Summer Chan is slotted into the main vocal spot, with original singer Azusa Suga now backing her up. Lovely Summer Chan’s voice blurs more into the woozy hop-a-long, but critically Suga’s voice adds a tether back to reality, so the vocals don’t drop totally into pure blurriness. Listen above.