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New Fraqsea: “Sparrow”

September is offering up a lot of meditative, dreamy music for folks to get blanketed by. The highlight would probably be a resurgent Mazzy Star releasing a new album next week, but fans of hazy music could also turn to artists like Keep Shelly In Athens or Pure Bathing Culture (OK, it came out in August, close enough). Japan has a pair of dreamy albums out this month too – one, Cuushe’s Butterfly Case, will get more attention next week, but for now let’s focus on Fraqsea’s “Sparrow” off her just-released full-length. It’s a cloud, guitar-heavy song clouded by various synths, but no particular sound rising up to demand attention. Fraqsea’s vocals hang just above the whirl of sounds, her words mostly understandeable but at their best when she sings in a higher pitch that makes her sound less clear but more angelic. It’s lovely, albeit simple, shoegazey stuff hiding some nice sonic details. Listen above.