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New Taquwami: “Wow” And “Ultra Sad”

Looks like it isn’t truffle season, but sad season. Whirilng producer Taquwami gets a bit melancholy with his new tracks, packaged together as “Japanese Sad.” All this despite first song “Wow” opening up with a Jay-Z sample. That first new song is actually a bit more upbeat than it leads on, as the vocals pop and even the horn sounds…which are probably the closest thing to being minor key here…pretty sunny. “Ultra Sad” is the better of the numbers, and also more plainly introspective. It is not Taquwami’s usual blast of energy, instead unfolding at a much slower tempo. The vocals are warped, but here they are slowed down and turned into a lament. The horns sounds here, meanwhile, just brush the song. Save for the quickened pace at the end, this is a nice melancholy note from Taquwami. Listen below.