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New G.Rina: Utsusemi EP And “FukuLow”

There’s the very real chance you know Tokyo’s G.Rina best as the voice on Kobe producer tofubeat’s “No.1,” wherein her voice moves in time with the slinky beat to deliver one of the sweeter moments on the often-hectic 2013 CD Lost Decade. Yet she’s much more than a “featured” guest, as this blog focused on a few months ago when she teamed up with Kosmo Kat for a song. Yet that post is a total embarrassment now…G.Rina recently released a full EP of material building off of that first song, and the bulk of it is all by her. Whereas that other post highlighted her taste in producers…well, the Utsusemi EP is mostly build around the title track, but it ends with a number called “Tiptoe Love,” done entirely by G.Rina, and about as strong a knock to the noggin as can be to say she’s every bit as good as those dudes around her. It is a footwork leaning track, but with a sneaky catchy guitar melody and eventually a whoosh of synths, making for an enveloping listen. Check it out below.

See, G.Rina has been making beats and dance songs for a while, which is something I should have focused on. She’s dabbled in all sorts of style…dubstep, house, WARDUB…and her latest song “FukuLow” is a very welcome footwork song. Listen to that one above.