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New Greeen Linez: “Findings”

Greeen Linez — featuring Tokyo-based artist Matt Lyne (head honcho at Diskotopia and recording solo as A Taut Line) teaming up with Chris Greenberg of Hong Kong In The 60s — have a new album out on the horizon, and in advance of that they’ve shared a new song called “Findings” via Boiler Room. It follows in the footsteps of what the Greeen Linez project has been doing since its start a few years back, which is to draw inspiration from glossy styles of music (the go-to being ’80s City Pop) and play around with those sonic signatures to come up with something their own. Boiler Room writes that “Findings” is like “ambient new jack swing,” which seems a solid description, with a bit of a sweltering unease deeper in the mix. Listen above.