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New Qrion: “Nothing”

Excuses are boring, but I’ve had a really fucked up elbow issue over the last couple of days, so no posts. Still hurts a lot, but here’s a post fighting through the pain.

Hokkaido’s Qrion just released a new EP — well, more like a small physical release gathering various songs she’s released before in one place. One new addition, though, is “Nothing,” which you can hear above (and, uh, watch too). It’s a panting piano number. This also seems like a good place to mention Qrion also collaborated a song to a compilation called Hatsune Miku Dreams Of Electric Sheep, which finds her and producers such as Parkgolf and Quadrophenia (all Sapporo natives) making music using Hatsune Miku’s voice — she is, after all, also from the city. Listen to that below.