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New Half Mile Beach Group: “Chooman”

Today feels like the first summery day of 2016 in Tokyo, the sort of sunny weather outside your weather that makes you wonder why you chose a career forcing you to sit in front of a computer. Hopefully the temperatures and conditions hold up, because it would be ideal to put on Half Mile Beach Group’s just-released first EP Park C. That set features all the songs the Zushi-based outfit released — much to this blog’s joy — last year (and now this EP is the only place you can find “Twilight,” our favorite song of the year), along with some new cuts. The sea-side group have shared EP-opening cut “Chooman,” a groover built for beach twilights and sporting the same alien-ized singing of their 2015 output, every word out of the group’s mouth run through an electronic filter and turned otherworldly. Listen above, and get the album here.