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New Soutaiseiriron: “Flashback”

Of course Soutaiseiriron’s first full taste of their new album — out this week — is the final track. I mean, they did put out a trailer too.

Over the last few years, Soutaiseiriron have proven to be one of the more influential Japanese bands of the last decade, lead singer Etsuko Yakushimaru’s near-whispered sing-speak and the group’s pre-90s-derived sound picked up by major-label acts and indie outfits in equal measures. So now, at a point where Soutaiseiriron could legitimately just sink into the sonic background, they’ve shared “Flashback,” what would constitute a jarring shift for any other project, but feels natural for Soutaiseiriron. It’s a shuffling number, sporting the sort of cold tropical rhythm you’d expect from The Knife and…well, familiar singing from Yakushimaru…but eventually making room for string plucks and even a heavy breakdown. Listen above.