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New Halfby: “Slow Banana” Featuring Alfred Beach Sandal

Kyoto’s Halfby really should always stick close to the coast. The producer has been creating zany sample-centric music for over a decade now, but the clear highlight of that span was when he went full-on tropical for 2010’s The Island Of Curiosity, a deeply warm collection miles ahead of the often overly wacky stuff he made before (and after). Last year’s Innn Hawaii revisited those higher temperatures (with a few detours to the silly) and resulted in a solid collection of easy-breezy sample-pop, the sort of thing built for lazy summer days. Now, one of the sweeter moments from that album, “Slow Banana,” has a video, which you can see above. The song isn’t totally reflective of Innn Hawaii as a whole, as it doesn’t play up the seaside vibe quite as much, but it does capture Halfby and guest vocalist Alfred Beach Sandal in a tender mood they usually don’t venture into. It’s a nicely polished song from two guys who are usually anything but, for better and for worse.