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New Harunemuri: “Kick In The World”

Navigating emotions and then simply going for total release is a constant element of Harunemuri’s music. It’s part of the reason her Haru To Syura album from earlier in the year is among 2018’s finest — the constant tension between turning things over frequently and using words as a way to figure out what’s happening, and the more visceral decision to just burst. Her newest single “Kick In The World” leans all in on this balance. The verses are all words, first set over synth bursts and the slightest guitar notes, and later picking up intensity while still allowing space for Harunemuri’s speak-sing tangle. But the hook is pure punch, the music recalibrating into a rock chug (complete with all-together-now “la las”) and Harunemuri screaming the title over it. That familiar tension smashes forward, and show she’s still able to get a lot out of this formula. Listen above.