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New Haruno: Sigh.

Haruno makes music in many different molds. They’ve used Vocaloid to create dreamy synth-pop, while also shifted closer to Nujabes via albums of laid-back hip-hop-inspired beats. I’m more drawn to the prior than the latter, as the beat-oriented stuff feels a bit incomplete and a little too sleepy. Sigh. still gravitates towards that territory, but finds Haruno adding in elements that make it a bit more intriguing. Mainly, Haruno takes a cue from Snail’s House and weaves in classical elements — lots of piano, strings and other touches matched up with slight beats. It’s still more pit stop than one to dig into fully, but features a lot of pretty moment — and, wisely, lets them pass by quickly rather than let the beauty burn out. Get it here, or listen below.