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New Haruruinu Love Dog Tenshi: “Setsuzoku”

Haruruinu Love Dog Tenshi first came on our radar last year thanks to a collab with the producer/rapper Youheyhey. That cut sounded great, but it was Haruruinu’s rap-turned-sing delivery that elevated the song and added an extra layer of giddiness to the tune. The two come together again for Haruruinu’s very own “Setsuzoku,” but this time things get a bit woozier. Youheyhey’s music this time around features a wisp of synthesizer and hard-hitting percussion, but spaced out enough to let some of the more zoned-out vibes come through. Over it, Haruruinu delivers narcotized verses that sometimes tip over into singing. In whichever mode, she performs like she has to get her words in before the beat kicks in, taking advantage of brief windows to get her dwelling across. Listen above.