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New Have A Nice Day!: “Kill All Internet”

Short post: Yes, let’s.

Long post: The bulk of Have A Nice Day’s! Enter The Void EP finds the project doing what they do best — creating keyboard=heavy escapes that manage some humor but mostly play out like bedroom-made movie soundtracks. This set features their most group_inou indebted instrumental to date (the pinballing “Window Shopping”) and one of their better potential stabs at something bigger yet as well (the stomping, basement-take-on-Chvrches “Nostalgia”). It’s a good EP, and you can listen to it below.

But the opening song is the one that sticks with you. Have A Nice Day! mostly dabble in big-time emotions, making music to make someone getting off their 9 to 5 feel like they are about to set off on an adventure. But “Kill All Internet” zooms in on one topic, wrapped up in this squiggly rush of synth and building to the kind of glorious shout-along chorus bound to wow the Loft crowd. I’m not sure how much this is really an anti-online screed and how much of it is just creating some great slogans, but “Kill All YouTuber / Kill All Internet” works wonder and even if violence isn’t the answer it the purveying sentiment — that this shit sucks, even before we had a bunch of goobers rushing online to defend a Swedish gamer in the wake of real tragedy — still hits hard. Listen above.