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New Mom: “Boys And Girls”

Not to puff it up too much, but Mom has…kind of gotten big? OK, more like “rising steadily” but since releasing an album late last year the genre hop-scotcher has gotten a decent amount of attention, and also appeared in an ad for Apple. This is all lining up for Mom’s next album, May’s Detox, to be a potential launch up even further. “Boys And Girls” works a bit as a calling card for new listeners, while also finding the creator using a lot of elements that have popped up before and sharpening them. Opening with guitar strums and quicksand-speed deliver, “Boys And Girls” eventually bursts open into a following-the-bouncing-ball dash that eventually dissolves into tripped-out, Mac-Speak-accented (product placement? Kidding) that then warps between tempo. For all this shifting, it remains catchy, and a winner for anyone familiar with or just coming to Mom. Listen above.