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New House Plan To Start Recording New Album Soon, Share “Small World”

Peace be on Google Translate. Thanks to it, I learned that Tokyo-based outfit New House plan on hitting the studio soon to record a new album. Considering how long we’ve been salivating over a couple of demo tracks the band released last year, this ends up being some stellar news. The actual release probably will take a bit longer, but if it gives us a polished version of “Transparent Box” then marking the days off the calendar won’t be that rough.

To tide the world over, New House posted a new song to SoundCloud called “Small World.” Well, not technically new…it served as the lead-off track for Second Royal Record’s latest compilation CD, which came out in February. Still, you can now hear the entire thing below. New House have been inching closer and closer to being the Animal Collective of Japan for a while now, and “Small World” is their most obvious Merriweather Post Pavilion moment. Meaning…YouTube “Summertime Clothes.” New House pull this big grinning beat style off well though, letting the vocals get lost underneath the Studio Ghibli march of the whole thing. “Transparent Box” and fellow old demo “Disturb” managed to carve out a bit stronger of an identity for New House, while “Small World” a little too easily filed away as “AnCo-aspiring,” but still a good summertime stomp. Listen below.

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