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New Vanilla Beans Song And Video: “älskar dig”

When it comes to idol-pop duo Vanilla Beans, the new video accompanying fresh material is just as if not even a little more vital. If you shut your eyes and just listen to the pair’s newest “älskar dig,” you’d hear a breezy pop song dusted with some strings and the sweet dual singing they’ve clung to so far in their careers. It’s an above average bit of throwback pop, not quite up to the dizzying heights of their best work on “Nicola,” but a nice poppy escape after the latest Koda Kumi single has made minced meat of your cerebellum for the umpteenth time.

Yet Vanilla Beans’ visual style is just as important to their overall act, both how they dress and how they act in the clips accompanying their videos. On “älskar dig” they don some eye-confusing dresses complete with retro hat, seemingly just the latest installment of the duo imitating older idol groups. Then we have the video, and this is where Vanilla Beans go from harmless pop outfit to an overthinker’s delight. Vanilla Beans seem to be in on some sort of joke, or at least not taking this nearly as seriously as, say, AKB48 who hold tear-stained press conferences on the regular. So thus, the below clip, involving a child, aliens and Vanilla Beans continuing to deadpan act as poorly animated stuff rolls by them. The actual music sounds just fine, but here’s another example of Vanilla Beans being Japan’s most interesting pop group of the moment because they give us so much to talk about. Watch below.