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New i-fls: Decade In A Day

I’m running out of ways to write about nostalgia and i-fls. At what point do I throw my hands up in defeat over my computer and decide, “screw it, time to dig into myself and write about the feelings dude’s music brings out of me!” Every time I play an i-fls album…and I’ve got a lot of them…I always end up feeling the same, whether I’m eating dinner or downloading Game Of Thrones or just sitting on a couch doing nothing. “Maybe I should e-mail all my friends, the ones I haven’t seen in months/years.” The mysterious Tokyo producer has another new collection of bite-sized suburban memories…this one titled Decade In A Day…and it’s him doing the same thing, which is to say it’s another gorgeous collection of melancholy, Gargeband-made music. There is a song called “Picture #24” that is the most collage-like thing he’s made yet, a series of sounds taped together in quick bursts. There is an extremely pretty song called “Sanrio” that gets more emotion out of the company than any Hello Kitty product. “Youko Have Caretaking For Friends Honeymoon” woozes while “Heart Rate Beat” might be the most dance-ready song i-fls has ever made. It’s another wonderful collection of feelings, one that sorta leaves me with little to say other than download it.