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New i-fls: No Start Point / Earphone Song

The bedtown sounds of i-fls always sound appropriate for walks…that is, after all, the activity you’re most likely to engage in when living in a suburb and have a lot on your mind. No Start Point / Earphone Song presents a swifter version of the dreamy Garageband symphonies the producer has been making over the last few years. Their albums have featured plenty of speedy cuts, but something about the three songs included here feel quicker, i-fls seeing if the same melancholy powering their more meditative creations can come through in a faster setting. And they do, from the almost-literal “No Start Point” (indeed, the song cold-opens before stopping…and then just revving up again without warning) to the pulsing “Earphone Song,” the releases’s best and sweetest moment. And it even features a softer landing, ending with the more mid-tempo “Stressful.” Get it here, or listen below.