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New Picnic Women: The Dance Music Anthem EP

I will not bore you with the details of how I missed last week’s Anthem event at ageHa (but if you must know…not finding buses in time and having my socks ruined by rain). But I did, and it was a personal low point for 2017 (which, all things considered, isn’t too bad). Thankfully, Picnic Women shared a new EP, so I can just loop these two songs and pretend I was right there. The title track darts ahead, featuring helium-inflated vocals that give way to a heavier portion featuring snippets of “I Feel Rave” spliced in. The next song, “Up And Down,” veers closer to what Picnic Women excels at, taking Evelyn Champagne King’s “Love Come Down” and pushing it towards juke (and acid) boundaries. Get it here, or listen below.