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New Iivvyy (Kosmo Kat And HVNS): “Look”

Don’t expect the “(Kosmo Kat And HVNS)” part to be up in the titles too much longer. The pair, working under the moniker Iivvyy, have established their own liquid-metal take on techno, all Terminator like, over the course of three songs. “Look” marks the third, and it’s as strong a statement a vision as the two songs before it. Glimpses of both artists’ solo work creeps out — the woozy patterns of HVNS, the technicolor puddle-splashing of Kosmo Kat — but those both end up dissolving with the steely techno they conjure up, the beats hitting tough until they turn into slow-melting sections, with the vocal sample coming in and out of frame. If it wasn’t clear now, this is the moment where Iivvyy feels completely on its own path. Listen above.