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New INNIT Mix Features Magical Mistakes, Taquwami, Avec Avec And A Bunch Of Other Folks We Love

First, I was working on something that talk a bit about the year the acts associated with INNIT have been having this year, and hopefully that will pop up later this week. So apologies if this isn’t as hyperbolic as it could be.

That said…oh man listen to this. In advance of their July 1st event at Osaka’s Grand Cafe, INNIT has gathered some new tracks from old and new collaborators alike, resulting in one hell of a mix. So much to go over here I’m just going to use bullet points, sorry!

– Avec Avec’s “Hot Things” make me want to make a “you bet it’s hot!” joke of some sort, because here’s Avec fully embracing the cartoon-charm that colored his great tracks from 2011. He distorts several vocals to the point they are tripping over one another, while the music splinters off on its own trip. Listen to the way those laser synths popping in midway stretch the track out like taffy. Incredibly gooey in the best sense of the word.

– Taquwami’s “2 Luv Again” which…fuck, just listen to those strings. Super happy to see Taquwami hooking up with these guys, especially if showstoppers like this are the end result.

– Magical Mistakes “Its Cold And Beautiful” which sees a heart-tugging guitar line emerge at the center of the song, while everything around it stutters off in 3-D. A lovely follow-up to “Running Water.”

– Seiho’s “Kiki & Lala,” which is the closest Seiho has come to making a slow jam…albeit one that sounds like it is trying to defy gravity… except for the hyperspeed portions which dart through the center twice. Yet Seiho always sews the track back together.

Also includes good stuff from And Vice Versa, Jemapur and Los Angeles’ Teams who will be making a guest appearance at the next INNIT event. I’d say this is essential listening, so do so below.