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New It Happens: “Summertime”

It might be just around the corner, but the summer still seems oh so far away, at least through the filter of work (hello Monday morning, hate to see you again). It Happens seem to also have the warmest season in mind with new track “Summertime,” but they also have variation on the mind too. Whereas the majority of this Osaka group’s prior work has been of the stereotypically indie-pop style – jangle this, sad-sack that – “Summertime” finds It Happens melting into the music. The guitar shimmers like midday sun on the top of a swimming pool, the entire song lazily unfolding behind minimal percussion. Every sound drips into one another, “Summertime” becoming a strangely hypnotic bit of shoegaze-lite pop. Makes me just stare at the calendar. Listen below.

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