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New Taquwami: “Sɦell∞”

Special weekend post given how lazy I got during Golden Week. Taquwami, fresh off appearing in a Lapalux mix, gives the world a sleepy new track to close out the weekend. “Sɦell∞” stands in stark contrast to the last few tracks to trickle out of Taquwami’s computer – recently, he’s been on a Clams-Casino-like trip, all distorted vocal samples set against hard-hitting beats. “Sɦell∞” still samples some dust-covered voice, but Taquwami constructs a lullaby instead, the entire track giving off the vibe that it’s unfolding next to the ebb and flow of a shoreline. “Sɦell∞” is a more refined take on the hypnotic atmospheres found on 2011’s Dawnz EP, the fuzzy fragility of that release’s title track now polished, but still being as comforting. Download it here.