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New Izumi Makura “Blue” And New Eccy Featuring Izumi Makura “Blood”

Here are the two sides of Fukuoka-based whisper-rapper Izumi Makura. “Blue” comes off of a soon-to-be-released EP, her first offering since teaming up with popular fashion show Tokyo Girls Collection for a song that featured in their last show. Pretty big! Makura herself isn’t changing much up on “Blue,” though. She delivers her melancholy lines over a chipmunked soul sample, channeling some quality early Oughts numbers in the process. And, like any good track playing around with older music, the sample itself feeds nicely into her song, the past meshing with the present. Listen above.

She also guests on a track by producer Eccy, who has a new album out next week (haven’t heard from him in some time!). It’s a bit more spacious, though it also features a voice echoing off in the distance, adding an out-of-time vibe to an otherwise straightforward thumper. Listen below.