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New JinnyOops!: “Rubber Soul Lover”


When SCANDAL transformed from high-school-aged rock band capable of hitting on a really good pop-rock hooks into boring AKB-lookalikes holding guitars, it was a sad day for Osaka rock bands and the idea that a group can make the leap to greater visibility without turning into marketing gimmicks. JinnyOops’! recent stylistic change – from horn-touting fun-havers to more intimidating pop-punk stances – fairs way better, even if their music videos have been pretty weak so far. “Rubber Soul Lover” follows on the heels of “雷鳴SHOCKING” in declaring “yes, we are JinnyOops! and we sound like this now.” This latest track is relatively straightforward, pulverizing J-Rock, upped a bit by the nice vocals and the guitar that sounds like it came from Bowser’s castle. Though this group has changed quite a bit, they at least remain a really good example of J-Rock birthed in Kansai.

Thanks to SparkPlugged for writing about it first.