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What’s In A Name: Idiot Pop’s “You’ve Got Lost”

If I could sit Idiot Pop down right now and, like a parent who has become worried after rummaging under their child’s bed and finding something indecent, stare him in the eyes I’d say…”what are you up to?” Trying to figure what the song “You’ve Got Lost” – or, the entire project, for that matter – really means ends up being some mental Risk. Most immediately is how Idiot Pop’s music sounds, and “You’ve Got Lost” offers a pretty good primer. Pop makes unabashed dance music, throbbing candy-colored stuff boasting a slick diva-helmed vocal sample and all sorts of Euro-pop touches (mostly, some of those synths). It’s the sort of music dancing on the dangerously slippery (sonic) bar, coming dangerously close to the uber-cheese of uhhhh Euro-pop but being catchy enough to sound like a pure good time. It reminds me of Sidechains’ “Into The Groove” remix which gyrates on top of the same object.

Yet start looking around and stuff starts getting a bit more subversive. First off, just look at the guy’s name – Idiot Pop, almost as if he’s taunting us with self-awareness of what he makes. Then there is the below video, which mashes up this candy-shelled dance song with footage from the film Requiem For A Dream. Not exactly the preferred backdrop for such a bright dance song. My theory…dude wants to seem a tad subversive about his music, but the whole thing circles around back to just being a fun blast of hyper pop. Listen below.


Thanks to J-Rock Explosion for posting this first.